We look for all-star Game Artists to become part of our team of game makers! You will work collaboratively with the production team to help create and improve upon the art within a game title. You'll work with a team of artists who are your peers who you'll like and be inspired by. Your art will be appreciated by millions of people around the world. Please include link to an online portfolio and ensure that samples of vector work are included.

 * Build smart, well-designed assets, interfaces and animations for our game that look great and are built efficiently
* Build rapid prototypes for user testing
* Re-create optimized assets in vector from Photoshop files
* You'll work on a bunch of different games in a bunch of different styles
* You'll adopt to and sometimes help define the art style for games Required Skills:
 * Tremendous artistic talent
* Experience with 2D vector illustration in Illustrator so significant knowledge of illustator is KEY! Bonus Skills: * Experience making art for games
* Animation experience
* Good haircut We think we are working on something that is very important and that lots of people will use every day.

 Localidad: Palermo
Empresa: Atommica
Contacto: People Manager
 Fax: Correo-E: jobs@atommica.com
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